Pick of the Day: Jet w/ Kill Hannah

I recently checked out Jet's new CD Shaka Rock and I wasn't blown away. So this pick comes with a bit of a caveat attached. That's going to happen occasionally with this feature because, after all, this is Regina. We're on the map a lot more than we used to be. But it's not like we're a megacity like Toronto where something mega-interesting is happening pretty much every night of the week.

Having said that, Jet aren't exactly chopped liver. The Aussie garage rock quartet are best-known for their 2003 hit "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" off their album Get Born which still gets bludgeoned to death -- I mean, receives regular airplay -- on Regina rock radio stations. If you catch them at the Drink Nightclub tonight, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll hear the tune at some point, and when you do those in attendance will go crazy. I don't want to spoil that moment for you, so here's the video for their latest single "Rip It Up". (YouTube)

Backing up Jet is the Chicago alt-rock band Kill Hannah fronted by emo heartthrob Mat Devine. Here's the video for their song "Lips Like Morphine". (YouTube)

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