Pick of the Day: Elliott Brood w/ the Wooden Sky

This one is a bit of a toss-up. Bouncing Souls are headlining an all-ages punk-pop blowout at Riddell Centre tonight. Had it not been for this gig at the Exchange, that would be a definite option. If you check our Sept. 24 issue, you'll find an article I did on a Cathedral-area house concert I attended by the Wooden Sky in early August (picture by Carey Shaw above). Having seen them play an acoustic set (here's video, by the way, of a song they did on an earlier stop in their Bedrooms & Backstreets tour [YouTube]), it'll be interesting to see them play with full gear in support of Elliott Brood.

Elliott Brood are a death-country trio out of Toronto. I abhor Nu Country or whatever you want to call it. Taylor Swift. Big & Rich. Stuff like that. But alt-country like Neko Case, the Sadies, Lucinda Williams and Deep Dark Woods I can totally get into. Elliott Brood was recently nominated for the respected Polaris Prize for their CD Mountain Meadows. I'm on the guest list for this gig courtesy of Theresa at MuseBox and I will be attending. Off of Mountain Meadows, here's Elliott Brood's video for "Fingers and Tongues". (YouTube)


whyte39 said...
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whyte39 said...

Bouncing Souls >>>>>>Elliott Brood

I'm disappointed in you Greg.