Oh Happy Day

This is what's going on on my little bit of Albert street:

Not only a new Japanese/Korean restaurant but a Karaoke place! If it gets even a portion the lost crowd from the Plains Hotel it should be good and weird. Juba Grocery seems to be hanging in (and have very good hours, so shop there and keep it going!). The Chamber of Commerce seems to be putting more windows in. Maybe it will help them see more clearly.

Will keep you posted. Karaoke!


Paul Dechene said...

Also, the Fainting Goat restaurant has just opened up on the west side of the street and to the south a bit. Plus the Abbey now has breakfast during the week starting really early.

Our neighbourhood is getting MUCH cooler.

Stephen Whitworth said...

Meet prairie dog--the official magazine of 2100 block Regina (west of Broad St., east of Elphinstone only).

They said the publishing industry was dead but they reckoned without the power of niche readership. REALLY niche.

Carle Steel said...

Oh, Stephen... It used to be 2200 block. Catch up -- this is progress!