Bono: the ego has landed

In honor of Z99/JackFM's petition to bring U2 to Regina (petitions.com) , may I present you with Bono's lament that the audience didn't get U2's latest, er, um, 'masterwork.' (The Guardian)

Bono, meet Captain Obvious. Your last album sold like shite because it WAS shite. It's the first U2 album I have evr donated to CJTR's CD sale fundraiser -- and I listened to October.


observer said...

i propose you have a competition or a survey in the prairie Dog on which band your readers would really like to have visit Regina

and which dream band/musician they woudl like to see but can't tour here (because they're deadzies, like Joey Ramone)

JB said...

U2 has sucked since "Achtung Baby".
That's right, they've sucked for longer than they were good. Kind of like Aerosmith, and Def Leppard, and .... basically name a "big" group that was either rumoured to come here or was supposed to come here lately. Quite a few bands, all of which established a brand at some point in their career and then promptly stopped living up to the name they worked hard to make for themselves.

JB said...

Oh I don't include AC/DC in that pile by the way. Sit down and listen to the albums that don't get any airplay some time (starting at "Flick of the Switch").... Nothing as good as "Powerage" or "Highway to Hell" but still quite respectable in its own right. Say what you will about that band, they have never "mailed one in".

Stephen LaRose said...

If you listened to one ACDC album, you've pretty much listened to them all, because they involve the same three chords and involve the samre subjects -- sex, alcohol, and violence (After Bon Scott's death, little of the violence). As a live act, they're one of the best, even if you're not into boogie-boy heavy metal.