31 Days of Horror: The Ghoul

The Ghoul is a 1933 British horror movie that stars Boris Karloff as a Professor obsessed with Egyptian artifacts and with living forever. He believes that when he dies as long as he has an amulet called the eternal light with him - he will gain eternal life. But if the amulet is stolen - Karloff will rise from his grave and kill! Karloff dies and everything is fine. And then some unscrupulous bastard steals the amulet.

The movie was once considered a lost film. And then an incomplete and badly damaged Czech print appeared. It wasn't much but it was something. Then a complete print was found in the archives of the British Film Institute.

It was the first sound British horror movie and features a brilliantly over the top performance from Karloff. The film is stunningly shot and pretty creepy at times. There is a lack of any real likable characters but the movie moves fast enough and Karloff is always watchable.

While it's amazing that this movie has found - there doesn't seem to be any trailers for it. The best I can do is a couple of clips showcasing Karloff's brilliant acting.

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