Pick of the Day: Jazz & Juice

The title of this Regina Symphony Orchestra event at the Hotel Sask tonight shouldn't be taken literally. Yes, if you decide to attend (tix cost $50), you will be treated to some fine jazz courtesy of the Nigel Taylor Trio (Taylor, by the way, plays trumpet for the RSO. He's also a member of the agri-funk band the Nancy Ray-Guns).

But the "Juice" part of the title conjures up images of impeccably dressed servers at the hotel circulating through the audience with silver trays of McCain's drinking boxes. That most assuredly will not happen. Instead, patrons will be feted with fine wines and gourmet foods while they're being entertained by Taylor and his colleagues.

Whoever thought up the title for this shindig did a reasonably good job. "Juice" as slang for alcohol does evoke thoughts of the Prohibition era when the production and sale of booze was outlawed, and jazz was at its peak in terms of popularity. Indeed, the 1920s were known as the Jazz Age.

As a salute to the era, here's the trailer for The Roaring Twenties -- a classic 1939 gangster flick starring James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart. (YouTube)

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