Six In The Morning

1 CITY HALL LOVES THOSE CONDOS More condo conversion approvals. I like condos too, and there are lots of situations where condo conversions are fine. (Case in point--the Warehouse District's Brownstown's overhaul a few years back. Lovely!) But come on, this looks out of control. Where are the rental units in the city centre? Come to think of it, where are the new condo developments in the city centre? Do elected officials make decisions for this city or do property developers? I guess the answer to that is obvious, isn't it? (Leader-Post)

2 NOM NOM NOM The Governor General cuts out and eats a raw seal heart. How can you have the guts to eat a raw seal heart but not have the stomach to allow our democratically elected parliament choose its prime minister according to the wishes of the majority of its members (see: last fall's coalition debacle)? (Toronto Star)

3 BIG DAY FOR GAY MARRIAGE Speaking of democracy, the legality of California's Proposition 8--the democratically-passed constitutional amendment barring gay marriage in the state--will be ruled on by the California Supreme Court today. (LA Times)

4 I CAN HAZ ELECTION? Count Iggyula says he can "foresee" one in the "near future". Perhaps he's using his vampire powers? Seriously, dude looks like Dracula. (Globe And Mail)

5 MIND THOSE MISSILES North Korea is sure doing its best to freak everybody out/piss everybody off. (The Guardian)

6 NOW THAT'S LOYALTY Little slow on this one, so apologies. Last Friday Regina MLA Sandra Morin endorsed NDP leadership candidate Dwain Lingenfelter--after the Waterhengate scandal tainted his campaign (but he was cleared! wail supporters). (Leader-Post)

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