Six In The Morning

1 MAYBE NO ONE WILL NOTICE IF WE PAY WITH SMALL BILLS Dwain Lingenfelter's NDP leadership campaign not only bought party memberships for people who didn't know they were joining the New Democrats, it paid for those memberships in $10s and $20s. Some might suggest this was an attempt to make it appear these voting memberships were purchased by individuals rather than campaign staffers. But no worries, Lingenfelter is co-operating with the investigation. (Leader-Post)

2 CHEQUE'S IN THE MAIL Saskatchewan residents who've lost their jobs wait longer for EI benefits than residents of other provinces, well, that sucks. (StarPhoenix)

3 CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall signed a carbon capture agreement with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer yesterday, read about it here. (CBC)

4 I THINK THE PHRASE YOU'RE LOOKING FOR IS "CIVIL WAR" A half-million Pakistanis are running from furious fighting in the north-west part of the country. How's the war against the Taliban going, again? (Guardian)

5 MAYBE WE SHOULD BE BAILING OUT THE WORKERS, NOT THE COMPANIES? JUST A CRAZY THOUGHT The Canadian and Ontario provincial governments are pushing the Canadian Auto Workers for more, more, more concessions, because everyone knows there's no time to kick a union around like in the middle of an economic crisis caused by the incompetence of the world's so-called business leaders. Not to editorialize or anything. Yeah, and by the way? This round of cutbacks is targeted at retired auto workers. So sure, let's cut Gramdma's pension because GM's CEOs can't run a business, why not. Go capitalism! (Globe And Mail)

6 JUDY BLUME HAS ENEMIES? Beloved children's author is apparently receiving death threats because she supports Planned Parenthood. Where's my credit card, I think I have a donation to make... (School Library Journal)

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