Six In The Morning (Deadline Edition)

Press deadline is at four and I still, um, have a (small) story to write, so let's make this quick:

1.) HAMILTON JETS? Bankruptcy hearing for a crummy NHL team is today (TSN). Meanwhile, CBC has a huge feature on the Balsillie power play their website. Meanwhile, the AHL's Manitoba Moose are one win from the Calder Cup finals. UPDATE: Meanwhile, editors type "meanwhile" a lot when they're rushing.

2.) PRE-PEOPLE Much hullablaoo over a fossilized primate believed to bridge the evolutionary gap between human and lemur. (Guardian)

3.) CONRAD BLACK'S LUCKY BREAK Fraudster newsman gets to take his sob story to court, again. (Toronto Star)

4.) NO SEX PLEASE, WE'RE CHINESE Communist officials order giant boners bulldozed. (Globe And Mail)

5.) FOLLOWING CALI'S LEAD Obama to introduce new auto emmissions standards. Get on the damn bandwagon, Canada. (New York Times)

6.) NUCLEAR REACTORS ARE LIKE TOTALLY SWELL, AND STUFF! The Star Phoenix and Leader-Post address the topic in the first unbelievably shitty instalment of a five part series. (Leader-Post)

1 comment:

Douglas said...

RE: #5 "Get on the damn bandwagon, Canada."

Stevie-boy Harper as our PM, a Tory government and its Alberta cadres, what are the chances?