Running On Air

So today's Guardian has a story about a made-in-France, production-ready car that's powered by compressed air. It's perfect for city driving. It's inexpensive. Air France KLM and Indian car maker Tatu are investing. Read it all here. Wow.

Questions (rhetorical):

1.) Why was this developed in Europe and not North America? (Answer: because we suck.)

2.) Does our oil-loving prime minister realize that the age of fossil fuel is coming to an end? What's he doing to prepare Canada for this changing world economy? (Answers: nope and nothing)

3.) Are Saskatchewan politicians aware that apparently saner nations want to get over their destructive addiction to oil and they're moving in that direction regardless of the impact on Saskatchewan's petroleum-powered economy? Are we ready for this resource export-weak future? (Answers: dunno but probably not, and no, we're totally screwed.)

Well, good for France, Europe and India. As for Canada, to invoke teh Internet parlance:



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