New Dog!

Cover by Dakota McFadzean

The May 21 prairie dog is being distributed throughout our fair town as I'm typing this. I think it's a pretty swell issue and I think you should pick it up. Here's an overview of the articles that actually are worth your precious time.

THE BEST LIBRARY IN THE WORLD the Regina Public Library's plan to renew/rebuild/rework the Central branch is underway, but details aren't settled yet, so it seemed like a great time for prairie dog's writers to rant about what they'd like to see in a reinvigorated downtown branch. To toot our own horn, I think we've gota pretty darn good little starting point for this public discussion, here. A must-read for fans of public projects and for anyone who thinks we should dream bigger dreams.

THE NDP'S NUCLEAR SCHISM No surprise here but the provincial NDP has a tricy path to walk on the little matter of nuclear reactors. Going into the leadership convention, candidates range from robustly anti-uranium to "well, let's study it and base decisions on facts" coyness. Stephen LaRose penned this feature on a topic that's one of the big fault lines in the party.

DELAY OF PLAN The downtown plan has been delayed so that "stakeholders" can go over it with a fine-toothed comb. Maybe this is all right. Or maybe, just maybe, this is a nefarious maneuver to weaken the document. Paul Dechene is suspicious, though not yet alarmed.

ALSO: Conway on how scumball politicians have poisoned democracy, Dyer on the disaster that is the West's Afghanistan policy, Suzuki on endangered species non-laws, Beatty on the Dunlop's current show and Castillo on Angels and Demons because he couldn't get into an early showuing of the new Terminator flick. Plus News Quirks, Street Wear, Queen City Confidential, Typo Wiener, CD reviews, Margoshes on a golf course restaurant, News Briefs, 14 days of event listings and more. Pick it up! Oh--and send your comments to feedback@prairiedogmag.com. Our letters page has been a little light lately. So sad!


Michael Bell said...

The cover is great!

Vanda Schmockel said...

I also love the cover. Can we get Dakota McFadzean to do more covers? Yes?

Annelies said...

Would just like to say I'm loving the Dog Blog. I've been out of province for the past 5 months and it helps me get through my BC government day job and keeps me feeling connected to Regina since I can't pick up the weekly issue