Live Tonight: Joel Plaskett, Rah Rah

Wednesday, May 6

Joel Plaskett
The Distrikt

You can check out the prairie dog for an interview with Plaskett, where he talks about his new triple album and his three collaborators (Ana Egge and Rose Cousins and his father, Bill). Something that didn't fit into the article was Plaskett on the new Two Hours Traffic record. THT are a sugary-sweet PEI power-pop band, and Plaskett had just finished producing their third album. "It's different. There's a lot of connection points to the last record, but there's also some darker stuff on this record. It turns a few corners that you wouldn't have expected it to. Which is good; they're really evolving and maturing as songwriters. This was a little bit more of a challenge to make because of that, because there's a bit more variety, but it was also really interesting in that respect." THT have been through Regina a few times in the past, and we can probably look forward to them coming back. With any luck, their album will be as good as Plaskett's Three, his most accomplished to date.


Rah Rah, Mt. Royal

Rah Rah frontman Marshall Burns has to be a little conflicted, as Plaskett is one of his favorite artists. It's more likely, though, that his mind is otherwise occupied as Rah Rah is about to embark on a two-month, 28-date cross-Canada tour, that will also include a stop-over in Montreal to track some songs with producer Kees Dekker of Plants and Animals. The new album will be an exciting one, as the new songs they've played live have been remarkably different from their previous material. The addition of guitarist Leif Thorseth is also paying off in big ways. Unfortunately, I can't find any of their new material on YouTube, so the following cut from Going Steady will have to do.

Other concerts going on tonight: Chosen, Decency Dies, Lest We Fail at the Exchange; Paper Moon, Dave Taylor at the Club

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