Harper's War on Science

Scientists -- credible scientists, that is -- are appalled to have discovered that Harper's been stacking the boards of various scientific bodies with climate change deniers. Most recently, he installed Mark Mullins, Executive Director of the right-wing Fraser Institute, to the board of Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), while he appointed John Weissenberger to the board of Canadian Foundation for Innovation, a funder of large research projects. Read a more detailed account at DeSmog Blog. Or an equally detailed but more diplomatic one at the Globe and Mail.

Add to this the fact that Harper is actively defunding curiousity-driven scientific research, is out there provoking and angering the scientific community, and has installed a science and technology minister who is not only a chiropractor (SkepticWiki on chiropractic) but also very likely an evolution denier (or at the very least an evolution not-understanderer), and what you get is a medieval, science-hating government of ignorance. Bring on the Dark Ages. No wonder the credible scientists are packing up and leaving our fair Dominion.

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