Some quick thoughts on Drag Me To Hell. Well damn! I was just dragged to Sam Raimi's latest movie and man, I am thoroughly entertained. I came out wired in that hyper / buzzed-like feeling that I used to get when I first saw a movie like Evil Dead 2. I'm sure there are other movie examples but it's been so long since I saw a movie like this, I can't rightly remember any others.

It wasn't that I didn't want to see Drag Me To Hell - I just hate going on opening night. I also had my doubts about the film. Raimi hasn't done a horror since 2000's The Gift (which was pretty good and you got to see Katie Holmes naked). But ever since Spider-Man 3 I've lost a bit of faith in Sam. And then there's the fact that the movie is rated PG-13 (14A in Canada). Most horror movies in the PG category suck. But there are times in this film when I wonder how did this movie get a PG rating? And this movie is the perfect movie to see with a big crowd. I'd rather not give anything away but it's one of the funniest gory, nasty, vile movies I've seen in awhile. And the ending is perfect. Maybe not for everybody but dammit I enjoyed it.

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